Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Eva Kate!

 We celebrated Eva Kate's birthday with a small rainbow themed party.

I made her a tulle tutu and she wore her rainbow Baby Legs.

The decorations were all pastel rainbow.

Anna's idea to make the "sun" and "clouds".

I had all of her weekly pictures printed off to display.

So bittersweet!  I could not have enjoyed and savored each day more, but it still flew by too fast.

The party foods!

To fit around church times and nap times we opted for a mid afternoon party and served snacky foods.  

We all got our weekly dose of artificial dyes, but it sure looked colorful!

The birthday girl really got into opening her presents.  She really liked pulling tissue paper out of bags and tearing wrapping paper into little pieces.

Surprisingly, our shy girl didn't seem to mind being the center of attention.

She really loved her toys!

The smash cake:

The birthday cake:

I had practiced with her all week on "blowing" out the candle.  I guess she froze under pressure.  However, once the party was over and guests were gone she toddled around blowing the candles out on her toy cake!


Happy One Year!


Dear Eva Kate,

A year? A year! How has it been a YEAR already?!

You are growing up too fast.

You are on your feet and moving everywhere!

But you always have time for a snuggle nap.

I know I've said this about other stages, but really, you are TOO cute!

We took you to the Hibachi grill for the first time.  You weren't quite sure what to think of the flame, but the waitresses all love you!

Your sisters are still smitten.

You tasted lemon.....and were NOT impressed!

Sharing toys with Buddy Boy.

Right now you generally sleep from 6-6.  You've taken to the sippy cup and whole milk with no problem, and continue to love solid foods. 

You are such a charming little thing!

Happy birthday, Baby!  We love you so much!

12 months

11 Months Old

Dear Eva Kate,

Another eventful month!

You discovered your feet were a great way to get around!

We celebrated your first Christmas!

You weren't overly impressed by the presents, but you loved the wrapping paper.  All the festivities wore you out!

We had play dates with good friends.

Your sisters continue to think you are the best thing. Ever.

We saw Anna present at her school.  She loved the chance to show you off to her teachers and friends.

You also discovered the stairs.  So we bought another baby gate to keep you safe.

11 months