Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Seven Months Old

Dear Eva Kate,

Seven months.....SEVEN MONTHS...?!?!


Aren't you still my tiny squishy newborn?

When did you turn into this bright eyed, squeezable ball of motion?

This has been such a fun month!  You've really discovered play

Sometimes you play yourself to sleep.

It doesn't happen often, so when it does, I savor it!

So far you remain blonde haired and blue eyed.  I believe the hints of green are starting to come out through the blue, so the jury is still out on what your final eye color will be.

You started trying to coordinate your arms and legs to get you closer to something.  You also do the cutest little baby push ups on your hands and feet!

You can roll...and roll...and roll!  Back to tummy to back to tummy!

You wake up so full of smiles.  Which is amazing for someone who spends so much of the night not sleeping!  "Object permanence" is a skill you exceed at.  Whether I'm in your sight or not, you know I'm around.  And you're generally not happy unless I am with you.  Day...or night!

You may be a bit spoiled!


But can you blame me?

You have everyone wrapped around your little fingers.

This age is just SO. STINKIN'. CUTE!

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30 weeks

Six Months Old

Dear Eva Kate,

How is it possible that you have been here half a year already?!

We've had a busy month!

You visited the zoo for the first time,

and loved the goats!

You also enjoyed meeting some big cousins,

splashing with your friend (okay, maybe you didn't enjoy the splashing so much...),

being goofy,

splashing in the bathtub (that you do enjoy!),

being one with nature,

and eating.

It's been a busy month with moving into our new house.

Moving you from your cozy little bassinet to a great big crib has not gone over well.  You are now waking multiple times a night.

We started introducing solids and you are a big fan!  Of REAL food!

Renovations in our house also started this month, so while the workers tear down and build up walls we hang out outside.  

You can now sit up, roll deliberately from back to tummy whenever you want, and stretch to reach for your toys.  

What will next month bring?

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25 weeks

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our Quaint Little Cottage

Here are the before photos of our new house's first floor.  It's amazing to see the difference already!  

View from living room

The living room

The dining room

Looking into the kitchen from the dining room

From kitchen looking into dining room

Downstairs bathroom....look at that carpet!

Hallway leading to master bedroom.  
The living room is to the left, bathroom and stairs to the right.


Our list of wants and needs is long!  The house has all the charm and comfort of your favorite grandparent's home.  Nice, but wouldn't wanna live there, right?  We're slowly turning it into the quaint cottage we saw through the wallpaper and faux birds hanging from the retro light fixtures when we first walked in.

Stay tuned for updates!