Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Libby's New Room

I've had these pictures sitting around for quite some time.  I had great intentions of getting Libby's shelves hung and putting all the finishing touches together and then posting.

We got Libby's shelves hung and then stalled.  I'm just not entirely sure what to put on them.  I had an idea in mind and then it hit me....Libby can reach the shelves.

So anything on the shelves needs to be Libby-proof.

There goes my idea of finding bird statues and painting them funky colors to match her decor.


So, at the moment she has three cute little shelves, the one the furthest from her bed holds her daddy-made peacock painting (her request - after I had them hung so that the painting was balanced on the wall).

Libby had been sleeping in the tiny nursery in her crib/toddler bed.  When it became evident that Libby was quickly outgrowing her little bed I decided that instead of squeezing a bigger bed into the oddly shaped room I'd rather just move her into the muchlarge guest room/storage room/catch all.

Since she was dead set against the move reluctant less than thrilled with the idea of switching rooms at first I thought we'd make a big production of it with Santa bringing the "big girl" bedding at Christmas.


After weeks of refusing to so much as discuss the possibility, one night she announced she would sleep in the guest room from hence forth.  Which led to a mad scramble to throw down some clean sheets and put any potentially dangerous objects (which, for Libby is just about everything) up out of her reach.

I spent many hours searching stores and browsing online shops to find a bedding that was fun and feminine without being frilly.

I finally found a set at Linens 'N Things online, then the fun of adding the details began!

Welcome to Libby's room...

Land of Nod is one of my favorite places to find quirky little accesories like these art hooks.  I also got a pink closet storage system with colored drawers.

Pinterest is awesome.

I got the idea of using embroirdery hoops and fabric to create a display for this wall from Pinterest. 

See the purple handprint?  All my idea. 

Oh yeah.

The wall decals came from Amazon.  They are from the Happi Tree line by Dena Designs.  The set was huge, colorful, and a great addition to her room!

The lightswitch cover matches the decals.  I found it on an ETSY site.

Eventually we hope to replace her hand me down and down and down furniture with something white with traditional lines.


Oh, curtains.

This is an example of me being a glutton for punishment.

I hate spending ridiculously large amounts of money for sheets of fabric. 

Curtains seem so simple to make....

Looks can be deceiving, folks.

I've dabbled in curtain making in the past.  It wasn't pretty, so I'm not sure what my thought process was for attempting to do it again.

Oh wait.

Yeah...$80 a panel curtains. (And don't even get me started on what money hungry corporate giant came up with the idea of selling a HALF of a curtain.  REALLY)....and reading far too much at  Young House Love.

So I thought....Jo Ann Fabrics has pretty fabric...

I can buy pretty fabric....

I have a sewing machine....

I can totally sew my baby some curtains.

Did I mention my "sewing machine" is about the size of a BeDazzler?

Long story short - I sewed up some decent curtains.  But factoring in the time and energy and money I spent on them, I would have probably been better off buying some overpriced curtain panels.

Believe it or not, she has actually left all the pictures on her art hooks!

All in all, I really like how it turned out!

Since this is still a work in progress, I'll be posting more pictures on the shelf saga!

Stay tuned....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's the Holiday Season...

...or...ahem...was several weeks ago.

Christmas this year was a low-key, relaxing time in our house.  Last year, with it being the first year we had lived in our current home, we went all out.  The decorations were perfect and shiny and new, they came together just so and we rejoiced in the beauty of our home.  This year we decorated, but tried some different things and just couldn't achieve "the look" no matter how we arranged....and rearranged....and rerearranged....

Even with so-so decor and a distinct lack of snow, we enjoyed our time off.   This was the first year Libby really understood the whole Santa thing, so we played it up!  Who knows if our big girl will still be a believer next year...*sniff*

We also managed some short day trips to area attractions.  We made our first visit to the beautiful Shaker Village.  WOW!  It is worth it for the drive alone.  The tiny town was decked with boughs of...evergreens and plenty of red bows.  They even had a horse drawn carriage to cart visitors up and down the main drag.

The simplicity of the Shaker homes really soothed our souls, as did the rolling hills and towering, leafless trees.

Christmas day itself played out in a flurry of colorful paper and exclamations over new toys (for the kids).  Our big "Christmas present" had arrived in August and was hot and bubbling in the backyard.  And let me tell you, what a fun tradition to soak in a hot tub on Christmas Eve, long after kids are dreaming of sugarplums.
The night before Christmas....

We tracked Santa on NORAD!

Nana and Plap plap joined us for a Christmas ham dinner, then left the next day to take Anna back to Pennsylvania for a week visit.

While she was gone Earl and I took the opportunity to paint and decorate Libby's new "big girl" room.  I had spent weeks searching stores in person and online for the perfect bedding set, paint, and decorating ideas.  I had mistakenly believed that my very-particular-about-bedtime-girl would need wooed into a new bed, in a new room.  Nope.  Long before we even started moving junk out of the guestroom Libby decided she was going to sleep there.  And she did.  Still, I think her room came out perfect.  When it is completely done I'll post photos.
Getting Anna back to Kentucky was the biggest adventure we need for awhile.  Let's just say, in all of the many, many miles we spend on the road, we've been blessed to never get hit by the stomach flu.....or a treacherous icy conditions.  Until January, when Earl hit unexpected ice and snow, and Anna was hit by a nasty virus.  A 6 hour trip took about 12 hours, but they made it home safe and sound.  And I must say I thoroughly enjoyed a sick day to snuggle up on the couch with my Annagirl.

It's hard to believe we are already a full week into February!