Friday, July 8, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes!

I realize I am a week or so late on our "One Year Homiversary", but since we had our one year walk through today I figured I'd celebrate by giving a home tour.

In the front of the house we've added a layered flowered bed and planted more perennials.

Laundry "room" hallway.


The toy haven loft area.

Entry way

The living room
Our furniture placement is on a trial run here....soon to be moved again..


Kitchen again
Action shot!

Dining room

Libby's room

Master bedroom
Not a great comparison, but oh well...

Now that we've lived here for a year it's hard to remember when it was brand spankin' new and not a dent or scratch to be seen still had that "new home" smell.  We've lived in it...there are dents and scratches, the kids have spilled drinks, animals have been....well...animals. But the house we built last year is, in all ways, our home, and that's all the really matters.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Weekend

What a weekend!  We here are still recovering from lack of sleep. 

On Saturday we took the kids on a train ride at the Bluegrass Railroad Museum.  The train car we rode in was made in the early 1930's....and judging by the interior, hadn't been updated since then.  The seats were original - a constant reminder of the country's "Supersize Me" way of life (they were SMALL!).

Anna's last train ride, many years ago, did not go well. 

That would be an understatement.

We were far more concerned with how she'd handle things than our tiny daredevil, Libby.

We brought Cameron along too...

After the fantastic trips we had taken by tour train in Colorado the Kentucky version was a bit of a letdown.  Still, it was a nice way to spend a few hours. 

If you go, be sure to sit on the right side of the train - we were on the left and had a view of mostly trees, missing the horse farms that were on the other side.

That night Scott County put off their fireworks.  We picked up some KFC, grabbed the kids, and headed to our favorite spot overlooking the pond.

Eight years ago, on our first 4th of July in Georgetown, we had the entire side of the park to ourselves.  As the years have gone by more and more people have congregated there. 

Rant coming:
I know its once a year, but sheesh,  these lazy people drive all over the grass instead of parking and actually walking (yes - use foot power!) to spread a blanket or chairs out to watch the show.
Rant over.

The kids played with sparklers and poppers...

While behind us the sky lit up in a beautiful sunset, reminiscent of last year's.

Did I mention the sparklers were a big hit?

...because they were.

On Sunday we enjoyed an incredibly lazy day complete with afternoon naps and red, white, and blue Popsicles....

...for supper. ;-)
We finished the day watching the neighborhood set off fireworks every bit as impressive as the ones the county put off.  And we got to see them from the comfort of our back deck.

Monday we headed to Lexington for their 4th of July party.

Floats like this one...

...tickled Libby's funny bone, apparently.

She laughed, and pointed.....howled with glee.....and laughed some more.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon lounging on the grassy lawn of Phoenix Park, listening to music and watching Libby climb trees like a monkey.  Then headed over to Culvers' for an ice cream supper (it's my birthday - I can eat as much ice cream as I want). At dusk we watched more fireworks, finding a good view at the upper level of Victorian Square parking garage.

It was a great way to turn thirty....

If you have to turn thirty...