Thursday, March 20, 2014

One Month Old

Dear Eva Kate,

You are one month old today.  It is never so true that time flies than when you have a small baby in the house!

After waiting so long for you I am determined to enjoy and savor every tiny detail of your babyhood.  Some may accuse me of spoiling you, but the simple fact is I know that all too soon you will be on the go and the days of endless hours holding and rocking you will be over.  So we snuggle and rock while I marvel at your baby perfection - the little wrinkles in your newborn skin, the way your soft hair sticks up when I brush it over, those smiles that appear when you sleep.  I try to commit details to memory, how you yawn so wide when you wake up, stretching your arms over your head with your fists barely larger than my thumb.  And your expressive eyebrows when you you look around.  Covered in baby lotion or not, you smell delectable, especially the spot right on the top of your head.  Your sweet sighs, coos and grunts are like music to my ears.  

You have a onesie that reads, "Hand picked by my brothers in Heaven" and every time you wear it I have to giggle.  

Your brothers must have a sense of humor!  You have the loudest cry of any baby I've ever heard.  It's truly ear splitting!  But after waiting over two years to have a crying baby, I'll take it!

You use that cry (scream, really) to let us know when you are not happy.  You do not like being naked, and having a bath is even worse!  You seem to have a sensitive tummy and sometimes what I eat makes you miserable......and you let us know.  But your favorite spot is snuggled on my chest with your head tucked under my chin.  I love feeling your little body relax as you give in to sleep.

You love your big sisters, and they adore you.  You watch them with a fascinated look when they sing to you.  It's amazing to see how different you look from them.  You are much more fair and we won't be at all surprised if your eyes stay their current pretty blue color.  You look so much like your daddy, but sometimes like Anna....and we see occasional glimpses of other people.  Some features are all yours, like the adorable little dimples in your cheek!

It is bittersweet to have the days go by so quickly.  Every day you are more alert and slightly bigger.  I love to see the chub start growing on your thighs, your cheeks, your itty bitty fingers.  We all work hard to get one brief flash of a smile from you.  But as each day passes you lose a little bit more of that beautiful newborn-ness that I love so much.

Today, on your one month birthday, you are really no longer a newborn. You're now officially an infant!  
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