Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fall is Here....and Gone...

But I still have a few more things to post about Smith happenings this past Fall.

For starters, Halloween.

I'm not a huge Halloween person.  Sure, I like the chocolate, but I'd much rather just eat the leftovers from costumed kids ringing our doorbell.

Unfortunately, every year I am out voted, so we shell out money for costumes for our own kidlets.

This year Anna was a princess vampire vampire princess bride.

Libby was Super Libby!

I hauled them around our neighborhood (which gives out AWESOME candy) and Libby had a blast ringing doorbells, thrusting her bag out, and saying "Happy Hannoween!"

And we still have a pretty big bag of the sugary candies leftover...

The weekend after Halloween we packed up the girls and headed to Western PA to drop Libby off at my parents' house and meet our friends' new baby.

If you are somewhat familiar with Western PA, you know all about one of the most beautiful, iconic parks in the area - McConnell's Mill State Park.

I spent many Sunday afternoons of my childhood at the Mill...

eating KFC,

and clambering over the moss covered boulders.

The path along the river is relatively flat, and mostly paved.

If you happen to arrive in the morning you'll be in for quite a treat as the sun filters through the trees.

Climb the rocks at your own risk. =)

Gotta love the old millstones...

and the sunburst....yummy!

Hug a tree!

Marvel at nature...

Are you tired of the sunburst yet?

Too bad, here's another one...
This has to be my favorite picture, by the way!

Annnnd......last one!

After hiking up an appetite we decided to visit our old "Stomping Grounds" and hit up SRU!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Road Trip 2011 Part 2: The Charleston Adventures Day 6

Waking up early and watching the sun rise over the ocean is a necessity while at the beach.  Generally we get up while the stars are still twinkling and walk along the surf, but this time it was cold.  Really cold.  So Earl and I bundled up in beach towels and planted ourselves on the balcony.

We were not disappointed.  As the sun slowly light up the horizon, a pod of dolphins put on a show right in front of us.  Had we been on the beach we would have missed them.

When the sun had risen completely we all squeezed into swimsuits and headed to the beach to spend our last day in Charleston with the sand and surf.

We played in the sand...

...took some last strolls....

...splashed in the waves...

...and built one last sand castle lighthouse.

One thing on my "must do" list when we are at the beach is to sail.

I love the sound of the sails flapping in the wind, the water splashing over the sides.

I don't care if the boat is a tiny little 12 footer, an elaborate modern boat, or a tallship soaked in history.

We sailed past Fort Sumter, promising to visit it next time we're in town.

And then, just as we greeted the day with one of God's works of art, we ended it the same.

Marveling at the beauty of such a simple, twice daily occurrence.

That is somehow more magical when it's magnified by the vastness of the ocean.

The sun eventually sank out of sight,

we snapped a few last pictures,

and said our goodbyes to the Charleston skyline.

The next morning we were up early, packed and ready to make the loooong trip back to Georgetown before 10 am.

And that, my friends, is a great vacation!