Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Season in a Nutshell

In August, the day before our world changed forever, Anna started school at Eastern.  She's rockin' the public school thing, loves the bus, has made new friends, and has a new found confidence.  She's also doing great, and we're expecting high honors on her report card.
In September we took Gabriel up to Pennsylvania to bury him next to my grandma A.
While there Earl and I were able to get away and visit one of our favorite spots in Western Pennsylvania - Moraine State Park.

We were highly entertained with the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus group.
 This one's for you, Mom.


 We made our annual visit to Evan's Orchard and made these very tastey caramel apples.....and apple pie....and apple sauce...
October brought fall break and a quick trip to Lake Erie while the kids stayed with my parents (and, ironically, ALSO vacationed at Lake Erie)
It was not warm, but it was beautiful and rugged, and we found miles of empty beaches to walk. 
 The Flagship Niagara (Google it) was making an out of season sail (errr....motor) around the lake with a group of school kids.  This was the extent of sail we were able to see.  I don't think it ever did go under full sail.

 The sunsets were incredible...

We discovered this little gem, Asbury Park, small but filled with long trails meandering through old-growth forest.


...and more sunsets...

Rain changed our plans, which ended up for the best, since we took a long ride on the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad through the mountains, along the Oil Creek, and past historic oil sites.

Here is the replica of what started our obsession with the internal combustion engine.

As part of Operation-Love-Fall we took Anna on a day trip to Natural Bridge.

October also brought about our favorite weekend - Slippery Rock Homecoming!
Every year we freeze through the football game!

As part of the oil-love I caught this picture of an Marcellus Shale oil well in progress on the road my parents live on.  The flames were to wick the oil to the surface so it could be collected.

Emma brought Aunt Kathy down for a visit over Halloween.  Indy is slowly warming up to the canine species. Shhhh...don't tell Ella!

Charlie Brown found a vampire and the Queen of Hearts in the backyard so I snapped a photo!

 Well, that was our fall in a nutshell.