Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Libby Brag

Oh, Libby...

I so enjoy this kid!

She's funny, lively, loving, spunky, comical, and has a great sense of sarcastic humor.

She's definitely (hopefully?) one of a kind!

Libby is learning so much in school and has made great progress on speech in just a few months.

Some of my favorite Libbyisms of the moment are:

"That is so prettiful!"


"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!  Hold it, guys!"

Libby doesn't have a shy bone in her body and has never met a stranger.  She will happily engage any random person she comes across in conversation.

I think everyone needs a little Libby in their lives.  

I'm just glad she's all mine!

Anna Brag

This girl....

she's something special!

Sweet, funny, caring, empathetic, creative, beautiful

to name just a few of her many characteristics.

She's doing very well in school, making great grades, working hard, responsibly completing homework nightly.

This year she was referred - and accepted - into the Gifted and Talented Program at her school.

She's something special, all right!

She was my "right hand man" right while we three (and a half) ladies were alone in Kentucky.

She entertains Libby, cleans up after the cats, does anything I ask with little to no complaining (she is wonderful, but she is still 9, after all).

I love this girl!