Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two Months Old

Dear Eva Kate,

Over Easter weekend you turned two months old.  TWO WHOLE MONTHS!

We love you so incredibly much.

Right now you are at such a fun age.  You recognize us and smile and coo.

Were starting to find a schedule that works for us.  You wake up (or I wake you up) by 7 in the morning so that you can eat before Anna and Libby need to get up for the day.  After you eat we all enjoy "happy time" where you wiggle and flirt and charm and coo and grin at everyone and everything.  When you start getting cranky or yawn, it's time to go down for a nap.  You're getting much better at putting yourself to sleep.  You like to nap in your cradle, on your belly, with white noise playing.  This is what we do every 2-3 hours during the day.

Evenings are still your cranky time, although most days you time it perfectly, with the fussiness starting just as we finish supper.  Great timing!  By 9 o'clock you like your one bottle of formula, sometimes cereal as well, and generally fall asleep soon after.  Most nights you sleep 4-6 hours straight!  On great nights you'll nurse and go right back to sleep.  On not so great nights, you're up and partying for a few hours.  You're quite happy about it, as long as I don't try to trick you into going back to sleep!

You're getting more tolerant of bath time.  I believe I even saw you crack a smile once or twice.

Speaking of smiles....your's is about the sweetest, goofiest one around!  When anyone tries to get you to smile you'll stare at them, usually with one eyebrow cocked.  Then one side of your mouth will curve up, followed slowly by the other side.  When we laugh at you you'll really start grinning like you're in on the joke.

You continue to be the best baby to take out and about.  Pretty much as soon as the car is put into drive you'll fall asleep, and stay asleep while shopping, or in a restaurant, as long as you stay in your car seat.

I packed away your newborn clothes yesterday since there is no way your chubby self could be squeezed into any of the tiny outfits.  Sad, but as you grow we are enjoying you more each day, and every day your personality comes out a little bit more, and that is such a good thing!

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