Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Three Months Old

Dear Eva Kate,

Did I blink and miss something?  How in the world are you THREE months old?!

You are so much fun to have around.  Just in the past week you have reached several milestones.  Reach out to grab something?  Check.  Complete a baby push up?  Check.  Swat at toys?  Check.  And my favorite - giggle?  Check!!

You love people.  You are not happy unless someone is looking at you.  You are also extremely vocal.  The coos, gurgles, shrieks, and other sounds you make are adorable.

Your big sisters think you are the greatest baby doll ever!  Just this morning I heard them arguing over a strand of hair you had caught in your chubby little hand.  Both girls wanted the honor of their hair being yanked out by you!

You think they are pretty fun, too.  If you catch one of them walking in your line of vision your head swings around and you smile.

I love those baby smiles!  When you are happy you smile with your whole body.  Your face lights up, your little body tenses up and you pump your arms and legs.  So cute!!

We are all happy to have been a consistently good sleeper for the most part.  You still enjoy your nightly bottle around 9pm, and generally you sleep from 10:30 - 6ish.  Then you smile and chat with everyone until about 8am, when you go back to sleep just in time for me to get Anna and Libby ready for school and out the door.  After that first long morning nap you become less predictable, taking cat naps when you're tired, and only content for short periods unless I am with you.  We're working on it!  I know that soon, too soon, you will be on the go and I'll be chasing after you.  So I am enjoying the snuggles now.

You continue to be the best baby to take anywhere.  This is such a blessing since at least once, sometimes several times a week you are schlepped all over in our quest to look for a family home!

nine weeks

ten weeks

eleven weeks

twelve weeks

The fact that it took almost an entire month to add the photos to this post and publish it is a testament to how busy we've been - and how quickly time has gone!  I will be writing your FOUR month letter in just a few days! =O