Monday, June 14, 2010

T Minus 11 Days and Counting!

Whew! Glad last week is over. Earl and I painted the entire house (minus a few closets) in about two days. That was alot of painting! And, unfortunately for us, we were obligated to use the builder-supplied neutral color. So that means more painting is in store for us when we move in.

In addition to painting, we also installed all the door knobs and register covers and did a quick clean (didn't have to - but we wanted to see our floors).

It's amazing what finished floors will do to a house. It almost looks like a home. =)

We are now down to crunch time and it's looking like the weather may not cooperate. Please pray for some sunny days so the worker bees can buzz around and get our stone front up, railings put on, deck built, sidewalks formed, landscaping planted, and sod laid. I'm sure there's more - and that's just the outside! Inside there's touch up painting, staining, heavy duty cleaning, blind installing and then the general fix-it list.

The entryway...
Hallway to kicthen...
Up the stairs......staining needs to be done...
Libby prancing around, enjoying the space...
The kitchen...we just need to add a few more cabinets and it will be complete! (well...we need some more appliances, too...)
The living room....notice the section of drywall that is unpainted - it had to be replaced due to insulation issues. Yikes! I'm just glad it was caught on their watch...

My monkey girl found a perch...nothing like a good precarious spot to sit and enjoy the day!
The may not be all that big, but it's exciting to have an "extra" room!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm sure you have been here, done this...

As you rummage through child's clothes, you realize child is low on appropriate, summer socks.

Make a mental note to buy socks next time you visit store.

Forget to buy socks over the course of several visits.

Finally remember.

Spend much time perusing the sock aisle.

Pick out a package of socks in the correct size.

Happily see that child's foot size is smack dab in the middle of sock size.

Bring socks home and proudly reveal them to child.

Child is unimpressed.

Open package and encourage (force) child to try on new socks.

Child announces sock is too small.

Recheck sock size.

Recheck shoe size.

Tell child sock does fit.

Child says they will not wear sock.

Frustrated, you tediously fold socks and reinsert into package.

Apply tape.

Set socks aside to return to store.

Make mental note to return socks and buy new ones.

Forget to return socks to store.

Finally remember to buy new socks.

Spend much time perusing sock aisle.

Decide on socks, choosing different brand, different style.

Show socks to child.

Child is unimpressed.

Very carefully remove socks from package.

Force a smile and encourage (coerce) child to try on socks.

Child proclaims socks are, "okay".

Cut the 4,592 little pieces of tape and plastic from socks.

Toss socks into laundry basket.

Wash socks.

Dry socks.

Fold socks.

End up with one sock with no match.

Still have socks to be returned sitting on kitchen counter.

Buy child sandals.

Monday, June 7, 2010

They're Coooommmmmmminnnng!

That sweet gap-toothed smile that I have grown to love on Anna will soon be coming to an end. Alas, much to Anna's delight, her grown up teeth are on the verge of making an appearance. So long, gap toothed kindergartener and hello big toothed first grader!

Enjoy some last photographs of her toothless self. =) news. 18 days to go 'til closing! Earl and I spent all day yesterday painting and surprisingly, we got the entire downstairs finished. Might I mention that painting closets stinks? Besides that, it went well. We're a good team, I do trim work, he rolls! We're hoping to have the upstairs finished by Wednesday night.

Today the girls and I made a visit and found the fireplace mantle and downstairs railing in place. Still waiting for the stone to be delivered for the front of the house. I'm really looking forward to having that finished!

Oh, and happy 7th on the 7th to us! =D

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Unexepectedness With Three Weeks Left!

We have had two unexpected surprises this week. First is that our painting days will be delayed because of late contractors....or something like that. Basically, the trim guys didn't come to install the trim on time, so the trim painters can't do that until today, when we were scheduled, and we can't paint while they are in there (because I value the use of my lungs).

Fortunately, we also had a good surprise to off set the added stress - crown moulding! I'm not sure how or where or why we missed that we were getting it, but we were planning on putting it up ourselves later. It made my day to walk in there yesterday and see it already up and adding a touch of glamour to our otherwise plain walls. We also had electricity and working lights! Not to mention, trim! I was quite impressed with those busy worker bees! =)

Can you guess what this is?
How about our fireplace mantle! Yay!

Some of the railing also showed up...
Poor Anna was feeling under the weather and running a fever....this picture should be an advertisement for IbProfen!
Our backyard has been graded and is now awaiting the deck...

20 more days!!! =D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

T Minus 23 Days and Counting!

Today, during our nightly house check, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our doorframe had been delivered and promptly installed (even more surprising, we found out that Dominion sent the wrong frame, so we got this upgraded one for free!). Now the stone front will go up!
On the inside, things have been happening as well....
Upstairs, the bathroom floors were laid and cabinets installed. The sink basins are ready and waiting to go in next.
Downstairs, the wood floors are being laid, and the kitchen cabinets have made it to their final positions. Compared to the pictures of the model home, our little kitchen looks downright depressing, but with some pretty counters and a snazzy paint job, we'll perk it up!
Now we can countdown the days and dream about some shiney waxed floors and hearing the pitter-patter (or thomp-a-thomp, more likely) of the girls' feet...
In other news - I showed Libby a potty chair the other day and she's been using it like a pro since! Tonight after her bath Earl asked her about her chair and she got very excited and exclaimed, "Potty!" and ran to the bathroom. Moments later she came out hauling her little chair and proudly sloshing its contents all over the place. Ewwww! Hahaha!

Anna and I are out of school for the summer! Almost - I have two work days to finish up this week. So excited for summer!!! =D

Grad school is going well. SO MUCH work. It's insane, really. But so far, so good.

Last, but not least, we are still set to paint this weekend and desperately need sitters....or painters. So, if you're bored or feeling particularly helpful, we'd love for you to drop by....or take our children. ;-)