Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tails of a Hectic Life

Baker is settling in well. Long gone is the lazy dog we brought home. I guess he was just depressed. He's certainly full of energy and mischief now!  Overall he is a very good dog.

But here's the thing.

I like dogs.

I always had a dog (or two....and cats....and birds....and hamsters...and fish...and all manner of other small furry creatures....and some more feathery creatures....although some we ate....but I digress...)  growing up.


There's always a but.

I'm not sure I like having one in my house.

Like, FULL time.

Even one who looks at me like this.
He kinda looks like the good luck dragon!

And he really is a good dog.

I mean, sure, he does

...chew up toys...

...and leave (BIG) piles in the backyard...

...and always seems to be underfoot...

...and spreads doggy slobber and snot all over the house...

...and steals the girls' pillows...

...and blankets...

....but he's a dog so he's supposed to do that.

I don't mind it!

No, really!

I'm serious.

I expected it...

....put it on my "things to consider before getting a dog" list.

I'm a list person.

Although this was more of a mental list.


So Baker is basically a good dog.

He does have a few annoying habits that I'm really hoping will be corrected by a snipsnip next week, however.

Poor, poor Baker.

He's sitting on my feet as I type this.


But he's still a dog.

And dogs require time



somebody home on a regular basis for potty breaks.

He is cute though, dontcha think?

And he and Libby are two peas in a pod.

Whatever that really means.

They torment each other

Well, when we are home anyway.

Bringing a dog home is alot like bringing home a new baby.

A very big baby.

With lots of hair.

Who chases the older siblings.

and knocks them down.

and chews up their stuff.

and steals their food.

and poops in the yard.


okay, maybe Baker isn't that much like a new baby.



I don't want to send Baker back.


I'm not sure I want him in my house

Like, full time, either.

For the next 15 years.

Oi vey!

Oh, decisions

...Stay tuned...

Monday, January 17, 2011


...the newest member of the family....

...the one...

...the only...


Anna started asking for a puppy for Christmas.  Of course, our response was, "Absolutely not!"  But then Earl got bit by the puppy bug.  And I said, "Absolutely not!"  Fortunately, he agreed.  So we started stalking Craigslist and looking at all the dogs coming and going.  A trip through PetFinder revealed the Kentucky Lab Rescue.  We filled out the application, were approved, and made the trek to Winchester where we met this handsome guy, amoung others.  Baker impressed us with his great manners and labby good looks so we decided to take the plunge into dog ownership.  Assuming his gas doesn't do us all in first, I hope it will be a pleasant experience.  I think adding a dog to the family is a far scarier experience than adding another kid.

Anyway, Baker is a one year old fox red Dudley lab.  He lacks pigment in his face so his nose and eye rims are reddish pink.  It doesn't mean anything except he can't be shown (not an issue) and he may be prone to getting his nose sunburnt. 

So far he's been a very good boy.  No accidents, no jumping, no barking, very little chewing...hopefully it will continue!